John Doe

Brian Derby
Owner, BD Tractor
& Trash

"Rad Platypus turned my scribbled logo into one that draws attention. Having a professional logo and Facebook ads really jump-started my new business."


Bold, innovative design that gets results, and won't break the bank

Over 20 years experince in digital marketing means we know what your customers are looking for, and how and where to reach them.
  •     Our one-stop shop simplifies your marketing pipeline
  •     Like having multiple agencies at yuour fingertips.
  •     Unlock marketing potential you never knew you had
  •     Etiam tempor ante acum ipsum et finibus 4.
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Sasquatch BBQ Cookoff

Online Marketing

Can we produce an entire Facebook marketing campaign in less than 24 hours?

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BD Tractor & Trash

Logo & Branding

BD Tractor & Trash needed a logo, biz card, and Facebook ad.

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Borego Health Opening

Logos & Branding

Can we turn a pile of random iPhone videos into a quality Grand Opening movie?

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